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A Peek Inside Jamaica’s Trident Castle

Flowers outside the Trident Castle

What do Arcade Fire and Snoop Lion have in common? The answer is  the Trident Castle, and atmospheric 1970s Caribbean vacation residence  built for a European baroness in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The Trident Castle is now in it’s prime pre-restoration glory and serves as a location for events as well as photo and video shoots.

Cantilevered windows are a trademark of the Jamaican Style

Curved rails and peaked roofs

Arcade Fire rented out the entire castle and stayed here while they were in Jamaica recording Reflektor. Here Comes the Night was in heavy rotation on my mind’s soundtrack when I wandered over to explore the Trident Castle.

The Trident Castle is highly atmospheric

Located right next door to the glamorous Trident Hotel and Villas, the Trident Castle has an amazing rocky coastline views (think Jamaica’s answer to Big Sur) and pastel sunsets. The furnishings are glamorous and just long in the tooth enough to give the place a highly atmospheric vibe that is cool but a little bit creepy.

Circular staircase with Chandelier

A piano at the Castle

The castle was pretty empty when I explored it and it’s location is just isolated enough that you can easily imagine a band making an album here. Props to the cool kids from Montreal for dealing with the 70s era bathrooms (slated to be refurbished) for music’s sake.

The glamorous yet creepy bedroom

The Trident Castle has exceptional bones and it’s easy to see why artists and photographers frequent book it as a location for photo and video shoots.

The dramatic checkerboard floor in the Trident Castle entry

Foosball in the rec room

The grand yet empty and worn vibe of the rec room made the castle feel a bit like a glamorous sanatorium from the days that you could call a rehab center a “sanatorium.” There is also a small chapel on the property.

Moody pool at the Trident Castle

The Trident Castle sometimes offers brunch on Sundays (check with the staff at the Trident or GeeJam Hotel for details).

Pastel sunset in Port Antonio

Hipstamatic view of Trident Castle

Snoop Lion shot a videos for Here Comes The King at the Castle. Check out below.

Trident Castle
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