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Exploring Havana: Photo Essay and Travel Tips

Classic car on the Malecón

Photographers headed to Cuba know there are a few iconic images of Havana that you just have to capture, cliched or not. While I usually try to stay away from “postcard” type images, I couldn’t resist snapping a few images of classic American cars perfectly restored (with Korean parts) painted in array of colors you’d find in a roll of Mentos. My favorite of these staple shots from my most recent trip were taken in Havana Centro, one along the Malecón and another off the beaten path.

Analog Post Cards From the Aughts- Cuba Edition

Above: This is the postcard I sent to my late Nanny from Havana circa 2003

Editors Note: Before I started this blog I used to be a prolific postcard writer. During my travels I’d send over 30 postcards to my friends, family, my friend’s kids. Many of the people who received these postcards have kept them.