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Exploring the (Almost) Abandoned Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah

An occupied property in Cisco, Utah

Utah’s biggest tourism draws are it’s highly photogenic public lands (Five National Parks and a National Monument) and snow-packed mountain ski destinations. But if you’re visiting Moab and want to check out something different, it’s worth driving to the scenic – and almost entirely abandoned- ghost town of Cisco.

Exploring Maui, Hawaii: Road to Hana Highlights– the Venus Pool


Jumping for Joy at the Venus Pools

Some the best highlights on Maui’s famed Road to Hana are beyond the town of Hana. While most guide books will claim you can do this scenic Hawaiian road trip in 3 hours, I’d suggest taking at least two days. Spend a night (or three) in the Hana area so you can explore the area at your own pace and linger at the places you like.