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Why iPhoneography?

This is the first iPhone picture I took that made me think of the device as a real camera. I had just arrived at the Park Hyatt Sydney and wasn’t able to check into my room for a few hours so I decided to get lunch… and a glass (or two) of Aussie Sauvignon Blanc. My primary camera, a Canon DSLR, was with my bags in storage. My iPhone was in my purse. I agree with the people at The Best Camera who trademarked the saying “The Best Camera is the One That’s With You.” When I saw the view of the opera house through the wine glass, I was thinking how my glass was half full literally, but figuratively overflowing admiring this beautiful scene. I had to capture it and my iPhone did a pretty good job of it. This picture changed my view of iPhoneography forever. This image is the one straight off my first generation iPhone but it can get even better if you tweak it with some of the amazing photography apps available in iTunes.

I recently attended Dan Burkeholder’s iPhone Artistry class at The Santa Fe Workshops and continue to be incredibly excited about this developing movement.

iPhoneography is even gaining legitimacy in the art world. Check out Pixels at an Exhibition, a curated site for iPhone purists that features images shot and edited exclusively on iPhones/iPads. Some of my iPhone/iPad work can be seen on the Pixels website.

There are some great blogs and websites about it. I’m a fan of iPhoneography Central, Life in LoFi and Appertunity, which is a great resource for learning about latest cool apps. I’m a fan of Instagram and you can find me there as LAX2NRT.