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Double Dutch Ducks: De Kas Restaurant, Amsterdam


Dutch Ducks

Greetings from Amsterdam! I’m currently spending a couple of days in The Netherlands before heading to Morocco. Amsterdam is the city that feels most like my home away from home. Everyone speaks English so language isn’t a issue. It’s a very walkable, compact city filled with tall people riding and multi-tasking on bicycles.

De Kas Greenhouse

De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant

I had lunch at the De Kas organic restaurant which is one of my favorite dining spots in the city.

The Dining Room at De Kas

Organic dining in De Kas

It has a locavore-centric menu and it’s located in a lovely greenhouse in the middle of Amsterdam, where they grow their own herbs and Mediterranean vegetables.

Goodies Grown in the Greenhouse

The weather was foggy and atmospheric and I felt a little guilty about the delicious duck confit I just had for lunch.

De Kas cuisine

Homemade Toblerone Dessert

So I decided to break bread with the local waterfowl outside the restaurant. Here’s a little video I shot on my iPhone: