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Breast Envy

My friend, the Rebecca, is an amazing photographer. Recently, we took a girls’ day (with Rebecca’s mom in tow)  and checked out the BeautyCULTure Exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It’s a pretty fantastic exhibit, replete with images that are both beautiful and thought provoking.

Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith are prominently featured. Their presence looms large in the room and there’s an acute sense of loss felt when remembering their respective tragic ends. Marilyn in particular brings to mind a glamorous era that keeps getting referenced again and again.  Of that time, there is some pretty iconic imagery that I relate to including the famous paparazzi shot of Hollywood legend Sophia Loren’s 1958 breast envy moment with Jayne Mansfield at Romanoff’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren at Romanoff’s in Beverly Hills by Joe Shere

Case in point of that era getting referenced – here’s the version with Anna Nicole Smith, seen at the exhibit.

Anna Nicole Smith and Sky Nellor by Daniela Federici

It reminded me that my friend Gabrielle and I did our own homage to this very moment for Rebecca’s camera last year at a party. After seeing the exhibit, I was inspired to pull them out of storage.

Jen and Gabrielle’s homage to Jayne and Sophia by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg

Now with all this talk of Breast Envy, I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the fact that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am anti- Breast Cancer and all forms of Cancer, so I encourage you to pick your favorite organization and support it any way you can.

The BeautyCULTure Exhibition runs through November 27th. Admission is free and parking is validated for 2 hours.