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Brands Here and Abroad : A fun, #Frifotos Travel Photo Quiz

As every traveler knows, sometimes it’s the little things about travel that make us realize we’re not at home. Maybe it’s the scenery, maybe it’s the brand of steak sauce. Here’s a fun photo travel quiz about brands- the good, the bad, and the fake.

QUESTION 1. These lovely flight attendants just flew from Incheon International Airport (ICN)  to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on which airline?

Flight attendants

A) Southwest

B) Asiana

C) United

QUESTION 2. I tasted this Heinz Ketchup…

So close... Yet a world away!

in a city where I also saw this :

The Golden Domes

What city was this in?

A) Odessa

B) Moscow

C) Kiev

QUESTION 3. After I visited this famous church…


I went into a pharmacy and asked for TUMS. They gave me these instead:


What country was I in?

A) Turkey

B) Israel

C) Turkmenistan

QUESTION 4. Who knew “SEO” stands for “snack chip optimization”? It doesn’t. I’m pretty sure Larry & Sergey didn’t approve these Google brand snack chips I saw…

Google chips

…  in a country which has is better known for it’s ancient sites such as:

 Camel between 2 pyramids

What country was I in?

A) Egypt

B) Syria

C) India

QUESTION 5. Which country produces this fine beer, which tastes best on the beach with a lime?


A) Ecuador

B) Mexico

C) Peru

QUESTION 6. I am a fan of this hotel in Tokyo, which has a stunning spa in the sky.

FansCity view

A) Hotel Okura

B) The Peninsula

C) The Mandarin Oriental

QUESTION 7. These Kraft items are on the breakfast buffet at an amazing hotel…

where my room had this view:

of the city’s iconic harbor:

and the bathtub in the suites had this sweet view:

What hotel was I in?

A) The Pan Pacific Vancouver

B) The Four Seasons Sydney

C) The Shangri-La Bangkok

QUESTION 8. Sexy red soled shoes…


and yummy macaroons…

 Pierre Herme Macaroon

are local specialties in which glamorous European city?

A) Rome

B) London

C) Paris

QUESTION 9. This Star Alliance Airline has Wayne Rooney and Manchester United players starring in it’s safety video…

and many people rave about their flagship lounge which is wicked stylish.

What airline is this?

A) United

B) Singapore

C) Turkish


Brand Quiz Answers:

1. B) Asiana

2. C) Kiev

3. B) Israel

4. A) Egypt

5. B) Corona is heche en Mexico

6. C) The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

7. B) The Four Seasons Sydney

8. C) Christian Louboutin has a flagship store not far from La Duree in Paris.

9. C) Turkish