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Amber Restaurant & Bar: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Michelin Starred French Restaurant in Hong Kong

Amber looks gorgeous in the morning Hong Kong light

Hong Kong has some of the world’s best hotels, Including the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Keeping with the brand, the service is truly next level- your every issue is attended to in an almost invisible way. So what makes one 5 star property stand out from another – it’s not only the amazing rooms (I’ll save those for another post) .

Located in the heart of Hong Kong on the 7th floor of The Landmark, the hotel has made some bold choices in the fine dining department. It’ s a big risk not having a Chinese restaurant at a Hong Kong Hotel. Instead, the Landmark MO has Amber, a French fine dining restaurant run by chef who was born in the Netherlands. Suffice it to say, the risk paid off, Chef Richard Ekkebus, has created one of the hottest spots on the Hong Kong dining scene and earned  2 Michelin stars. Amber’s star continues to rise, as it has also been named one of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants for 2012.

Amber menus

Amber menus in the Amber Bar area

Amber restaurant is a destination in itself, not just a hotel in a restaurant. The room design is gorgeous- amber lighting and a huge sculpture

Chic and cozy amber loungeAmber Menu in barAmber booksAmber bar seating area

Comfortable seating in the chic and cozy Amber Bar

Due to my tight schedule I could only eat breakfast at Amber, and have a glass of wine and some wagyu sliders in the bar before departing. The service was indeed exceptional and the pastries as fine as any I’ve had in Paris.

The room is stunning in itself and the food, well I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And, as an added bonus, breakfast at Amber was included in my room rate.

Amber looks gorgeous in the morning Hong Kong lightAmber looks gorgeous in the morning Hong Kong lightAmber MO

Amber looks gorgeous in the morning Hong Kong light. The focal point of the dining room is unique chandelier made up of 4,320 bronze rods.

Breakfast isn’t usually a meal you’d expect Michelin star worthy service from, but my breakfast experience at Amber was as treated with the same discreet and unobtrusive service once would expect at any fine dining restaurant. s a meal, not an annoying service hotels often feel obligate for provide for their guests. My room rate came with the option of full sit down breakfast at Amber or a more casual buffet in the MO Bar.

Amber also has a lovely, intimate bar next to it which is a superb place to have a meeting or to try some of their fabulous small plates like wagyu slider

Dessert at Amber BarSliders at the Amber Lounge MO HKGDessert at the Amber lounge (mobile photography) Landmark MO HKG

Sliders and desserts are some of small bites available at Amber bar, a great place for meetings.

FlowerBreakfast at Amber

An orchid at my table at Amber during breakfast was a lovely luxe touch. It had no scent, so it didn't compete with my delicious breakfast

Sitting down for a civilized breakfast at Amber was a delightful way to start the day.

Bread and butter with a salmonBread and butter with a salmonBread and butter with a salmon

Tasmanian salmon home-smoked over an open-toasted bagel with  cream cheese, kyuri cucumber, lettuce, capers & onions

Bread and butter with a salmon

English muffin topped with sautéed spinach, Canadian bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce (on the side per my request)  & green asparagus

Pastries upon arrival at the Landmark MO in HKG

Bread basket so good it could be in Paris, and grapefruit juice, just the beginning of breakfast at Amber.

A private booth at Amber

A private booth at Amber. perfect for a power breakfast, lunch, or dinner.