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The Landmark Oriental Hong Kong: Sexy and Serene in the City

Sexy and Serene in the City: the bedroom of room 1012 of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Hong Kong just might have the best selection of luxury hotels with incredible service in the world. So deciding between them can be a challenge.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental has some really special features that make it top luxury hotel pick in the heart of Central Hong Kong.

Landmark MO art books in lobby details

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Lobby Details include Art Books

The property is contemporary and stylish, and intimate in scale with only large 113 rooms (and an almost 3-to-1 staff to guest ratio). The guest rooms, with an average size of over 50 meters feel like chic Hong Kong apartments.

Landmark MO art books in lobby

Bookshelves in Landmark Mandarin Oriental Lobby

The room design incorporates smart use of space so that the sleeping area, huge spa like bathrooms, and working/lounging areas feel even more spacious. I was in room 1012 a (a L_600 type room) and had more than enough space. The room felt suite-like without actually being a suite. The closet was smartly designed and kept my luggage out of the way yet allowed my clothes to hang. I used the yoga mat provided several times because there was ample floor space to do so.

Bedroom at Landmark MO

Bedroom at Landmark MO

Bedroom at Landmark MO

Bedroom at Landmark MO room 1012

Black and White views of Room 1012 at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Landmark MO Hong Kong 3

MO room 1012 sitting edgy

Mandarin Oriental room 1012 sitting area, spacious enough to hang out it and get work done.

Landmark MO Art in room 1012

Details like the Art in room 1012 made the room feel like a home away from home.

Room service was delicious and there was plenty of space to wheel in the cart. The mini bar was well stocked, and complete with Krug. The only thing my room lacked was an electric tea kettle and housekeeping brought one up promptly when I requested it.

Landmark MO Krug in minibar

Landmark MO room service

Krug in mini-bar & Excellent Room Service

The Landmark Oriental knows its guests. There were ample electric outlets for the modern traveler. The concierge was lovely, friendly and all her restaurant recommendations  (including Island Tang) were spot on.

The bathroom felt more like a spa than an upscale hotel bathroom. With a giant round bathtub, separate shower (rain shower-head or hand shower- your pick) and duel sinks and vanity areas.

Tub with a view in room 1012

Tub with a view in room 1012

Tub with a view in room 1012

Tub with a view in room 1012

Huge circular tub, duel vanities and great lighting in the bathroom of room 1012

Landmark MO bathroom Amenities

Landmark MO Apivita amenities

Top-notch bathroom amenties galore, and  Apivita amenities

The spa like bathroom is an indication of the incredible Oriental Spa at the Landmark Oriental. The spa and fitness facilities at this hotel are seriously next level. The Pilates studio is better equipped than many I’ve seen (and used) in Los Angeles. The spa facilities also have an Ashtanga yoga studio on site, as well as an indoor swimming pool and well-equipped high tech fitness studio.

But it’s the Spa and their holistic approach that are really noteworthy. Not only does the Spa have results-driven treatments for both men and women, because men care about skincare too. The spa also offeres Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez, a French trained Podiatrist and so-called “foot virtuoso.”

Bastien Gonzalez image for MO post

Landmark MO

Landmark MO Bastien Gonzalezad

Bastien Gonzalez: Foot Virtuoso

Bastien’s pedicures include tips for keeping your feet healthy have a cult like following including athletes around the world. My feet had been bothering me and so I decided to see check out the Bastien Pedicure for myself (price $990 HKD or $128 USD). The 60 minute treatment, performed by Albin Brion, the studio manager.

The treatment was, for lack of a better term, beyond sublime. Albin Brion also can claim foot virtuoso status. Suffice it to say my pedicure was so unlike any other spa treatment I’ve ever had, I left the treatment room not only “walking on clouds” as Albin promised I would, but attempting to figure out a way to smuggle Albin in my suitcase so I could have access to another treatment once I got home. My buffed nails shined for weeks.

Just last week I got an email from Albin, thanking me for my visit and asking me to return again when I get to Hong Kong. That’s just one of the thoughtful and unobtrusive ways that Landmark Mandarin Oriental distinguishes itself from other luxury brands. They remember you, and they want you to come back for more.  I’ll be back, Albin. And next time I’m going to try out more of those spa treatments.

Room rates at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental start at $527.00 US dollars. If you can’t afford to stay the night, at least try the spa or come by MO Bar for a cocktail, or make reservations at Amber for a Michelin starred fine dining experience.

MO peacock fan

Landmark MO sign

MO signature peacock fan in the Lobby, and the hotel’s sign

MO room 1012 edgy

The city view from room 1012

Self-portrait at the Landmark Mandarin

Self-portrait at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental: I’m a huge FAN!