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My 2nd date with Cathay Pacific First Class – the seat 1K experience

After my second date with Cathay Pacific’s First Class, not only are they still my new favorite airline, but I think we’re officially friends with benefits.



I know, I know…People might say we’re moving a little too fast. After all, it’s hard to have a long-term relationship if you start by sleeping together on your first date (which I not only did, but made a video post about!), but who could resist that darling sleep suit?


Celebrities take note: If you’re going to film your bedroom antics, you  might want to rock a Cathay Sleep Suit.


Truth be told, I was a tiny bit nervous going in. Would it be the same wonderful experience the second time around? Would Cathay play it cool because I put my heart on my sleeve?  Was I going to be another notch in the passenger log?!? And then I saw this and I knew we were good.


A love note with my Krug!


I actually think Cathay and I have solid footing for a long distance relationship. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it work with a Hong Kong-based carrier when I live in Los Angeles, but I suspect I’m going to try. Once I was on the ground, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this.



They know how to keep a passenger interested. Who knows what could happen on our next date?

Yes, I’m hoping for a third date…

In First!