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Question From A Reader: Do You Enjoy Traveling Alone?

Having a blast in Belize. I went alone, but make friends quickly. (Photos in this post courtesy of Sara Saedi who runs The Blowoff Blog)

Editor’s Note: Blog reader (and my friend, Liz) wrote to me and asked “Has anyone asked you about traveling alone? I’ve done it but only for a few days at a time…and I personally don’t love it. I mean, I end up meeting really nice people and chatting with them and all that…but I still don’t love it. Actually, I’m ok during the day but HATE dinner. Even if I end up next to a lively couple or whoever, I just need to talk about my day with someone I KNOW.  It just bums me out to not be sharing experiences to then recap at dinner.  The point being, I think I just hate having dinner alone. Maybe your readers are all far cooler than that and don’t need people to talk to physically at the end of the day. And maybe you don’t need that either…but I’d be interested in hearing about that aspect of your travel.”