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Exploring Japan: Tokyo’s Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza

One of the cute owls at the Ginza Owl cafe

One of the best things about visiting Japan is checking out the latest new and wacky trends. Tokyo is the city that created the concept of the animal cafes. While cat cafes have gone global, the latest trend is towards more exotic (and instagram-worthy) animals including hedgehogs, snakes and Bengal cats.

Obligatory selfie with owl

Some of the cafes made me concerned about the well being of the animals involved. I came across an ad for one otter cafe which said “Not an aquarium. Like visiting an otter in your friend’s living room” particularly troublesome. But I had a surprisingly great experience at the Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza. With their big eyes and heads that swivel, I’ve always thought owls seemed cool from a distance.

Fluffy feathered friends

You pay a cover charge of 2300 yen (approximately $22 USD) to meet the owls and have the option of getting a drink while meeting a selection of owls named after luxury designers (Chanel was my personal favorite) and hanging out for 30 minutes. I skipped the beverage during my visit because I just wanted to hang out with the birds.

Big eyes and oh so soft feathers

While I’m not an expert, I found the cage free environment to to be clean and the 10 or so birds seemed well cared for.

A few of the the really cool Japanese owls at the cafe

It’s clear that the cafe was run by an owl enthusiast who wants people to get excited about the birds of prey. The cafe was very spacious, and had room for the birds to fly.

video of some of the owls at the Ginza Owl Cafe 

The owls that weren’t friendly were noted, and visitors were advised not to interact with them.

Loved the feathers on this distinctive looking owl

If you’re looking for things to do in Tokyo, consider checking out an owl cafe.

Chanel, my favorite owl giving side eye

Chanel, my favorite owl, seemed like he belonged in a Harry Potter film.

Chanel the owl’s really big eyes

I was so charmed by this owl!

Big fluffy owl

This snowy white owl was the current fan favorite

While I think exotic birds are a strange choice for a pet, I really did enjoy visiting with them for a half an hour. Before guests leave, they get to vote for their favorite owl. During my visit the snowy white Japanese owl was firmly in the lead.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Tokyo, I highly recommend checking out the Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza. It deepened my affection for this fluffy flying creatures and I felt good about how the animals were treated.

Making friends with the locals at the owl cafe in Tokyo

Reservations are advised. The owl cafes only allows a certain number of visitors at a time for the welfare of the animals.

Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza